Being 34 is Fantastic!

So far, I like this age.  I’ve been 34 for one day.  And it’s been a great day.  Here’s a run down of some highlights:

7:30am — Smile as I see lots of messages already from friends giving their birthday wishes.

8:30am — Enjoy a much needed long chat with one of my best friends, Angie.  Thanks friend.
Angie and I in 2006, I was pregnant with Isaac.  Wow we look young.
9:30am — Already (still, always) blessed by Jesus.
9:40am — Sit at the table where my husband serves up one of my favorite breakfasts.
11am — Ride in our newly purchased Volvo (we’ve long been waiting for this moment, where we’d be able to replace the car we lost in an accident over 6 months ago), listen to Josh Garrels (hear him below, it’s worth it) and enjoy immensely the company and conversation of my husband.

11:45am — Begin the best massage of my life at Massage Heights in Stonecrest (valentine/birthday surprise from Matt).  If you go, ask for Emma.  Deep tissue done right!  
2:30pm — Fish Tacos and a video chat with my Shaw siblings.  LOVE them.  I think we talk for over an hour.  
3:17pm — Baby Asher is born.  Enough said.

Photo Credit:  Genelle Billings.

6pm — Dinner at Cajun Queen where I get my fix for fire-spicy food.  Open a present that literally rocks (thanks Shaw men).  

7pm — See and LOVE the black & white silent film “The Artist” at the Manor theater in Charlotte.  Incredibly smart, creative, moving, captivating.  Go see it!

9:30pm — Pick up the kids from my good friend Lindsay’s house.  She is beautiful and beaming and I am glad I get to see her on my birthday.  She, as always, has loved my kids well.
11-something.  Home.  Look over pictures from the last few days, decide to share, smile as I post this now.  Thanks and love to my husband, who made a wonderful day of rest and delight available to this tired but now refreshed momma!  I love you Matt Shaw.  
Goodnight, and goodbye February 15th, 2012, I loved every minute of you!  

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